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How to score well in BAF :

Bachelors in Accounting and Finance is a course that provides in-depth knowledge of the various financial and accounting methods, which are considered to be a big step forward then the traditional Bachelors in Commerce degree.


  1. Having less stronghold in the subject of accounts is a major reason why most students fail in the BAF. Knowing that BAF is a course that mostly outlines accounting as its main prospect of learning, and having second thoughts about basic concepts can be a recipe for satisfactory score in Financial accounting Paper I and Cost Accounting.
  2. Lack of capability to grasp management subjects like Financial Management which includes topics like preparing cash budget, using cash budget as management tool, calculating cash shortage and surplus will only add to confusion in later semesters when subsequent papers will cover more advanced topics.
  3. Inability to manage study time for subjects like Economics will lead to further annoyance days before the exam, due to the vast portion that will be left pending, and it wont be realistically possible to complete studying with minimal days left. Adding to it, not having proper notes for each topic is going to increase the amount of pressure that wouldn’t have been, if timely and duly self notes were made for each subject.
  4. Turning a back to solving mock papers or question papers of past years will make you nervous before entering the exam hall, having no clue as to what to expect. You will not have no presumption about the pattern of question that will be presented to you, because you are not used to the idea of solving a paper in the first place. This mostly applies to Information Technology, Auditing and Foundation Course papers.

Such mock papers can be availed from BAF commerce classes around andheri, along with duly guidance that helps increasing your overall score in the semester exams.

Why Assets Tutorial for BAF

BAF Toppers
1. Divya Patil, F.Y.B.A.F (2016), Financial Accounting: 96/100

Our  BAF Batches consists of only 30 Students; this helps the faculty to give personal attention to each student in the class.

Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problems or case studies. All our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching.

This is one area where many fail; however, we take this very seriously since, this can make or break the student’s study rhythms. Timely completion gives sufficient time for revisions.

We are very serious about our study material; thus, we ensure it is designed by experts & reviewed every year to give the students the best possible quality.

Unlike some, we do not leave the revisions to students. We include specially designed intensive coaching and refresher course which covers the entire syllabus. This exponentially helps students in their preparations.

We not only conduct regular chapter wise & short surprise tests but also full lenght prelim exams. This makes our students well prepared before the exams.

Though the students are given regular feedbacks; we also conduct open-house to update the parents about their child’s performance. This helps them monitor their child’s progress.

We will regularly conduct valuable counselling sessions with professionals and board moderators, to give the students an insight into the speed, accuracy, approach, sequel of order, overcoming exam fear, and developing the correct attitude.

Apart from world-class coaching and mentoring we at Assets also provide a reading room, library of reference books, CD-ROMs, sports and literary competitions and educational outings.

Your BAF Mentors

Bharat Sir (BBI Mentor in Andheri)

Bharat Bohra -Super Specialist in Accounts, Economics & Costing. 20+ Years of teaching experience.

Rahul Sir (BBI Mentor at Andheri)

Rahul Agarwal – Expert in Maths & Statistics; 15+ Years of teaching experience

Amit Bohra – Expert in Law & Micro Economics; 6+ Years of teaching experience

Lajpat Sir

Lajpat Vyas – Expert in Financial Management, Taxation & Indirect Tax. 6+ Years of teaching experience.

BAF Syllabus

First Year

  • Financial Accounting-I
  • Cost Accounting-I
  • Economics-I
  • Commerce-I
  • Information Technology-I
  • Business Communication-I
  • Foundation Course-I
  • Financial Accounting-II
  • Auditing-I
  • Financial Management-I
  • Taxation-I
  • Business Law-I
  • Quantitative Methods for Business-I
  • Business Communication-II

Second Year

  • Financial Accounting-III
  • Cost Accounting-II
  • Auditing-II
  • Economics-II
  • Management-I
  • Business Law-II
  • Quantitative Methods for Business-II
  • Financial Accounting-IV
  • Management Accounting-I
  • Taxation-II
  • Commerce-II
  • Business Law-III
  • Information Technology-II
  • Foundation Course-II

Third Year

  • Financial Accounting- V
  • Cost Accounting- III
  • Financial Accounting-VI
  • Management Accounting- II
  • Taxation- III
  • Economics-III
  • Financial Accounting- VII
  • Cost Accounting –IV
  • Auditing- III
  • Financial Accounting- VIII
  • Taxation-IV
  • Management-II