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Why Assets Tutorial for BBI

BBI students benefit the most by yielding compelling results due to our distinguished teaching approach. We do not proceed without clearing core concepts that form the basis of subjects like Accounting and Economics, forming a momentum in learning. Instead of adapting the conventional textbook methods for analytical subjects, our faculty empowers a student to tackle any out-of-the-box problem, inducing confidence and proficiency within him. Duly assistance is given by the teachers to the student in different class performance activities like presentations, assignments, and case studies, covering all the grounds of his academics.

Our ideals believe in, considering the active interests of students, in place of rushing a particular subject for completing the portion. Right from the beginning of the year, the student’s progress is monitored by his respective teachers. Regular doubt solving sessions are held for students to solve their difficulties in subjects like Economics, Business Law and Quantitative Methods. The prime initiative behind this coaching framework, is to prepare individuals that can progress into the future and handle the industry using their analytical skills, while creating various avenues for themselves along the way.

Use of modern methods of teaching, benefit the student in understanding specifics of Auditing, like types of Audits, planning of an Audit, drafting reports and execution of Audits. Notes are given by the teachers, for many theoretical subjects like Business Law, breaking down complex jargon for a better understanding.

Through transparency and easy communication, make way for parents to approach us anytime, inquiring about their pupil’s progress. Our profound methods have yield excellence for many students and will benefit anyone who chooses to be a part of our family.

Other Benefits

Our BBI Batches consists of only 30 Students; this helps the faculty to give personal attention to each student in the class.

Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problems or case studies. All our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching.

This is one area where many fail; however, we take this very seriously since, this can make or break the student’s study rhythms. Timely completion gives sufficient time for revisions.

We are very serious about our study material; thus, we ensure it is designed by experts & reviewed every year to give the students the best possible quality.

Unlike some, we do not leave the revisions to students. We include specially designed intensive coaching and refresher course which covers the entire syllabus. This exponentially helps students in their preparations.

We not only conduct regular chapter wise & short surprise tests but also full lenght prelim exams. This makes our students well prepared before the exams.

Though the students are given regular feedbacks; we also conduct open-house to update the parents about their child’s performance. This helps them monitor their child’s progress.

We will regularly conduct valuable counselling sessions with professionals and board moderators, to give the students an insight into the speed, accuracy, approach, sequel of order, overcoming exam fear, and developing the correct attitude.

Apart from world-class coaching and mentoring we at Assets also provide a reading room, library of reference books, CD-ROMs, sports and literary competitions and educational outings.

Why Students' Score Less in BBI

BBI a full-time course in Banking and Insurance implemented by the Mumbai University primarily aims at preparing students, for the work involved in the indepth functioning of Bank and thorough knowledge of the Insurance sector. But there are a couple of reasons why most students fail or struggle to score throughout the course. Some of the main reasons are:

  1. Financial Accounts: Most students fail to apply reasoning while studying subjects like financial accounts. Understanding the reasons why certain logic works in a way, makes learning easier which is what most students forego while learning accounts. Also failing to check your answers with the solutions in books, results in an under confidence when it comes to the actual solving of the problems.

  1. Business Law: Cramming a day before an exam makes things worse for subjects like Business Law, which teaches various laws that apply to a formation of a commercial alliance between two people. Inability to devote time to core concepts can lead to reading a lot of less important topics, which could have taken only a couple of hours.

  1. Business Communication: Inability to comprehend the long term use of subjects like business communication, can affect your professional performance in the future. Lack of attention towards periodic class presentations will deter the score at year end, eventually impacting your career opportunities.

  1. Financial Managements: Subjects like Financial Managements divulge deeper in a later semester with the inclusion of complex financial statements, accounting standards, and external reporting. A major portion of your score in these papers comes from knowing the various statements, while not having a firm hand over these statements will lead to a major setback.

We at Assets Tutorial (one of the best BBI classes in Andheri) understand the most common problems faced by students in this course & ensure they are mentored to overcome these issues, thus scoring the best in the exams. 

The Assets Tutorial Way!

The foundation of Assets Tutorials (one of the best BBI Classes in Andheri) was laid with a sole objective of imparting knowledge to students using quality teaching methods that have a lasting impact. Every student who has been a part of our family has achieved the best in his career prospects. Our teaching methods are very dynamic in nature, as compared to other institutions. We believe in giving equal attention to every student, strengthening the pillars that form the foundation of a bright future.

Since our inception, we have created a warm and friendly environment, dispelling forbidding feelings associated by students with teachers and the education system.

Your BBI Mentors

Bharat Sir (BBI Mentor in Andheri)

Bharat Bohra -Super Specialist in Accounts, Economics & Costing. 20+ Years of teaching experience.

Rahul Sir (BBI Mentor at Andheri)

Rahul Agarwal – Expert in Maths & Statistics; 15+ Years of teaching experience

Amit Bohra – Expert in Law & Micro Economics; 6+ Years of teaching experience

Lajpat Sir

Lajpat Vyas – Expert in Financial Management, Taxation & Indirect Tax. 6+ Years of teaching experience.

BBI Syllabus

First Year

  • Environment and Management of Financial Services
  • Principle of Management
  • Financial Accounting – 1
  • Business Communication – 1
  • Any one Course from the following list:
    • Foundation Course – 1
    • Foundation Course in NSS – 1
    • Foundation Course in NCC – 1
    • Foundation Course in Physical Education – 1
  • Business Economics – 1
  • Quantitative Methods – 1
  • Principles and Practices of Banking and Insurance
  • Business Law
  • Financial Accounting – 2
  • Business Communication – 2
  • Anyone Course from the following list:
    • Foundation Course – 1
    • Foundation Course in NSS – 1
    • Foundation Course in NCC – 1
    • Foundation Course in Physical Education – 1
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Quantitative Methods – 2

Second Year

  • Laws Governing Banking & Insurance
  • Financial Management – I
  • Management Accounting
  • Customer Relationship
  • Information Technology in Banking & Insurance
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Taxation of Financial Services
  • Universal Banking
  • Financial Management – II
  • Innovations in Banking and Insurance
  • Corporate Law and Laws Governing Capital Markets
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Cost Accounting of Banking & Insurance

Third Year

  • Marketing in Banking & Insurance
  • Financial Services Management
  • International Banking & Finance
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Auditing
  • Project on Banking
  • Strategic Management
  • Central Banking
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management in Banking and Insurance
  • Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  • Turnaround Management
  • Project on Insurance