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Top reasons why you will fail in CS - Foundation :

CS is a abbreviation for Company Secretary, a course implemented by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), to impart education that revolves around the work involved in managerial position of a Company. The position holds the responsibility of keeping track of various legal bindings involved in the business aspect of an organization. Prescribed course has two stages that a commerce graduate has to excel, before moving onto practical training for 15 months. The inclusion of these factors and many other reasons is why the students appearing for the exam fail.


  1. Not managing time while writing the paper, is one of the general reasons why many students fail the exam or score satisfactory marks. The new syllabus coupled with no objective questions makes it difficult for many students to finish writing the paper. If thorough preparation hasn’t been followed, excess time is spent mulling over each question it is impossible to complete the paper in the given time.
  2. Subjects like Tax Paper, Informational Technology and System Audit have a very short syllabus which if studied last, will be left incomplete leading to a loss of marks while it could be better if these subjects were prepared well in advance before touching the other vast subject topics.
  3. Having thorough knowledge of Advanced Tax Laws as expected by the Institute, who wants the students appearing for the exam to know the laws inside out, will prove beneficial in the long run. Lack of enough focus on the International Taxation section causes a loss of huge chunk of score.
  4. Leaving behind topics from Governance, Business Ethics and Sustainability, precisely of Part A, Part B, and Part C which sums up for a total 100 marks of expected questions, will ensure a loss of score.


Many CS classes in andheri have been providing students with guides and mock tests which can be availed from any of their centers.

Why Assets Tutorial for CS - Foundation

CS [Foundation] Toppers
1. Pooja tambe (2014), A.O.R 20TH
2. Chaitravi pai (2016), A.O.R 12TH

Our CS Batches consists of only 30 Students; this helps the faculty to give personal attention to each student in the class.

Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problems or case studies. All our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching.

This is one area where many fail; however, we take this very seriously since, this can make or break the student’s study rhythms. Timely completion gives sufficient time for revisions.

We are very serious about our study material; thus, we ensure it is designed by experts & reviewed every year to give the students the best possible quality.

Unlike some, we do not leave the revisions to students. We include specially designed intensive coaching and refresher course which covers the entire syllabus. This exponentially helps students in their preparations.

We not only conduct regular chapter wise & short surprise tests but also full lenght prelim exams. This makes our students well prepared before the exams.

Though the students are given regular feedbacks; we also conduct open-house to update the parents about their child’s performance. This helps them monitor their child’s progress.

We will regularly conduct valuable counselling sessions with professionals and board moderators, to give the students an insight into the speed, accuracy, approach, sequel of order, overcoming exam fear, and developing the correct attitude.

Apart from world-class coaching and mentoring we at Assets also provide a reading room, library of reference books, CD-ROMs, sports and literary competitions and educational outings.

Your CS - Foundation Mentors

Bharat Sir (BBI Mentor in Andheri)

Bharat Bohra -Super Specialist in Accounts, Economics & Costing. 20+ Years of teaching experience.

Rahul Sir (BBI Mentor at Andheri)

Rahul Agarwal – Expert in Maths & Statistics; 15+ Years of teaching experience

Amit Bohra – Expert in Law & Micro Economics; 6+ Years of teaching experience

Lajpat Sir

Lajpat Vyas – Expert in Financial Management, Taxation & Indirect Tax. 6+ Years of teaching experience.

CS - Foundation Syllabus

1. Business Environment

2. Forms of Business Organization

3. Scales of Business

4. Emerging Trends in Business Concepts, Advantages and Limitations

5. Business Functions

6. Introduction to Law

7. Elements of Company Law

8. Elements of Law relating to Partnership

9. Elements of Law relating to Contract

10.Elements of Law relating to Sale of Goods

11.Elements of Law relating to Negotiable Instruments


13.Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation

14.Growth & Challenges of Entrepreneurial Venture

1. Nature of Management and its Process

2. Planning

3. Organisation

4. Human Resource Management

5. Direction and Coordination

6. Controlling

7. Recent Trends in Management

8. Business Ethics

9. Business Communication

10.Essentials of Good English

11.Business Correspondence


13.Interdepartmental Communication

1. Nature and Scope of Economics

2. Theory of Demand and Supply

3. Theory of Production, Costs and Revenue

4. Forms of Markets and its Equilibrium

5. Money and Banking

6. Basic Characteristics of Indian Economy

7. Selected Areas of Indian Economy

8. Statistics: An Overview

9. Collection and Presentation of Statistical Data

10.Measures of Central Tendency

11.Mathematics of Finance


13.Index Numbers and Time Series Analysis

1. Theoretical Framework

2. Accounting Process

3. Bank Reconciliation Statement

4. Depreciation Accounting

5. Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Proprietors

6. Partnership Accounts

7. Introduction to Company Accounts

8. Auditing

9. Audits and Auditor’s Reports