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How to score well in Law CLAT

Common Law Admission Test is a rank based entrance test which can be appeared by a student, to gain enrollment in various National Law Universities in India. The student who have passed higher secondary school are eligible for appearing CLAT. Various variable factors that revolve around the prescribed syllabus, is why many students fail in this entrance, with the top reasons being,

  1. The second section is relatively difficult for students who come from streams, that does not include mathematics as one of their core subjects. If a thorough brush up on basic formulas is not done, calculating perimeters, surface area, stating trigonometry values, solving this section is going to be fairly difficult.
  2. Inability to identify the different questions that expect, answers based in grammatical format like filling in nouns, converting indirect speech to direct, naming the figures of speech, reading paragraphs of comprehension and giving suitable answers based off the same, leading to a loss of 40 marks in the first section itself.
  3. General knowledge section observes more failures among the various students, who turn a blind eye towards being informative about various facts and recent state or international level news. The questions range from past history to recent events, which can be asked deliberately in tricky ways and having no prior clue, will surely cause loss of marks here.
  4. Logical Reasoning along with General Knowledge tops the list of sections where most loss of marks occurs. Not having brief practice of identifying said logic in a statement, or rearranging given question to form an answer results in confused state and eventually loss of marks.
  5. Legal Reasoning or Legal Aptitude involves the presentation of various legal cases and points, with stated arguments that tests the reasoning of the student. Failure to not grasp the nature of such questions, is why most student lose marks in the most prominent sections with a loss up to 50 marks.

Various LAW CLAT classes around andheri are conducting mock tests, which can benefit the performance and confidence of potential students.

Why Assets Tutorial for Law CLAT

Our Law CLAT Batches consists of only 30 Students; this helps the faculty to give personal attention to each student in the class.

Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problems or case studies. All our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching.

This is one area where many fail; however, we take this very seriously since, this can make or break the student’s study rhythms. Timely completion gives sufficient time for revisions.

We are very serious about our study material; thus, we ensure it is designed by experts & reviewed every year to give the students the best possible quality.

Unlike some, we do not leave the revisions to students. We include specially designed intensive coaching and refresher course which covers the entire syllabus. This exponentially helps students in their preparations.

We not only conduct regular chapter wise & short surprise tests but also full lenght prelim exams. This makes our students well prepared before the exams.

Though the students are given regular feedbacks; we also conduct open-house to update the parents about their child’s performance. This helps them monitor their child’s progress.

We will regularly conduct valuable counselling sessions with professionals and board moderators, to give the students an insight into the speed, accuracy, approach, sequel of order, overcoming exam fear, and developing the correct attitude.

Apart from world-class coaching and mentoring we at Assets also provide a reading room, library of reference books, CD-ROMs, sports and literary competitions and educational outings.

Your Law CLAT Mentors

Bharat Sir (BBI Mentor in Andheri)

Bharat Bohra -Super Specialist in Accounts, Economics & Costing. 20+ Years of teaching experience.

Rahul Sir (BBI Mentor at Andheri)

Rahul Agarwal – Expert in Maths & Statistics; 15+ Years of teaching experience

Amit Bohra – Expert in Law & Micro Economics; 6+ Years of teaching experience

Lajpat Sir

Lajpat Vyas – Expert in Financial Management, Taxation & Indirect Tax. 6+ Years of teaching experience.

Law CLAT Syllabus

The English section will test the candidates’ proficiency in English based on comprehension passages and grammar. In the comprehension section, candidates will be questioned on their understanding of the passage and its central theme, meanings of words used therein, etc. The grammar section requires correction of incorrect grammatical sentences, filling of blanks in sentences with appropriate words, etc.

This section will test candidate’s knowledge on elementary mathematics, i.e., maths taught up to 10th Class/standard.

The purpose of the logical reasoning section is to test the candidate’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. It may include a variety of logical reasoning questions such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. However, visual reasoning will not be tested.

The General knowledge will be tested on the general awareness including static general knowledge. Questions on current affairs will test candidates on their knowledge of national and international current affairs

This section will test candidate’s interest towards study of law, research aptitude and problem solving ability. Questions may include legal propositions (described in the paper), and a set of facts to which the said proposition has to be applied. Some propositions may not be “true” in the real sense, candidates will have to assume the “truth” of these propositions and answer the questions accordingly.